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What if you could invest in real estate for pennies on the dollar? An estimated 9 million non-performing notes in the U.S. is a great opportunity to do just that.

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With as little as $10,000, put your money to work over multiple notes lowering risk and increasing cash event opportunities.

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Very simple, earn 8%-12% on fully qualified loans secured with low loan to value first trust deeds.

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Supercharge your retirement funds using your self-directed IRA to invest in non-performing and hard money notes.

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Silver Hammer, LLC is a Real Estate Note Investing firm. First established in 2009, we focus on the purchase of first position mortgages on residential property throughout the mid-West U.S. Our strategy is to purchase these Real Estate Notes directly from lending institutions at a fraction of their market value (60% or less).
If the mortgage note is not performing, we negotiate with the borrower to get them back on track whenever possible. Instead of rehabbing the property, we try to "rehab the borrower".
We purchase solely for our own portfolio and in doing so create a win, win, win scenario for the homeowners, the banks, and our investors. Working in the Mortgage Note space allows Silver Hammer to create unique opportunities for shrewd investors who want to invest in Real Estate Without Tenants.
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