Silver Hammer Investments, LLC is a Texas-based real estate investment firm specializing in buying and selling distressed debt. First established in 2009, SHI focuses primarily on the purchase of nonperforming first mortgages on residential and small multifamily properties in the largest metroplexes throughout the mid-West and Southeastern United States. Our strategy is to purchase this mortgage debt at a fraction of current value (50% or less) and either negotiate with the homeowner to turn the loan back into a performing mortgage or take control of the property. Instead of rehabbing the property, our focus is to “rehab the borrower” and create a win, win, win scenario for our borrowers, the banks and our investors. Silver Hammer closed on over 1.2 million in assets in 2018for our own portfolio.

We host an information newsletter twice a month and a weekly question and answer podcast called ‘Someone to Lean On’. Both of which are centered around educating investors on the advantages of mortgage note investing, and the benefits of investing through a vehicle like anIRA, HSA, Roth or 401k.

We have a variety of investment opportunities if you are looking for an investment or Joint Venture deal. Please contact us directly to find out more and to see if you qualify to participate.

Laura and Julian are specialists in nonperforming notes and real estate rehab and sales. Laura has been an investment coach for the national wholesale education company ‘Clever Investor’ and was featured on the ‘We Close Notes’ podcast hosted by Scott Carson. She was also very honored to twice be a discussion panelist on ‘Note Camp’ the largest and longest-running Virtual Note Investing Conference on the internet.

Silver Hammer is a member of a Note Investors Mastermind with over 60 members. These associations and our investing experience give Silver Hammer a  distinct advantage in the note investing arena.


Silver Hammer will be featured in

Loan Tales, The Stories of 50 Note Investors